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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 12, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tony perkins on our website. i am see you in america's newsroom at 9:0. welcome to hannity, this is a fox news alert, an iraqi helicopter delivering aid to displaced minorities hiding in the mountains of northern iraq crashed today, killed the pilot and injuring others, this as the u.s. military conducted additional air strikes, successfully hitting and destroying an isis mortar position that was firing at kurdish forces near sinjar. the political battle is intensifying after iraq's president nominated the deputy parliament speaker to replace nuri al maliki as the country's prime minister. now, amid growing calls for al malaki to step down, he's rejecting the nomination and fighting to remain in power for the latest we turn to fox's own
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greg palcot. >> sean, that fight goes on, but more and more, according to experts here on the ground, it is looking like nuri al maliki's days are numbered. the incumbent prime minister has been seen as divisive and sectarian, so the more moderate and inclusive successor was chosen by the iraqi president. today he's getting support in various factions inside the country and picking up more support abroad. secretary of state kerry joining iranian officials. initially branding its as illegal. al malaki sent his troops out into the streets. he was pulling them back a little bit, and saying the military should not get involved with politics, just warning about problems if there is confusion on the ground. al malaki watchers are saying you cannot count him out. meanwhile, other developments on
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the ground about the accident showing how dangerous the situation is in so many ways. the iraqi air force helicopter, is dropping off aid to the starving yazidis on the mountain to the west of where we are now. it crashed when it took off, apparently because there were too many refugees on board. the pilot died, there were many injured, including a new york times reporter, and, yes, more u.s. air strikes today, an unmanned drone hitting the mortar position. they had been targeting the tough kurdish pash mere fighters. they had been doing so much to fight back the isis militants. they could use more help, more arms, including from the united states. and there are more reports they could be coming their way. sean? >> thank you. despite u.s. involvement in iraq, president obama, he's in full vacation mode, kicking back on beautiful martha's vineyard. fox and friends ainsley earhart
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has all the details. >> thank you, that's right. it was wheels up for our commander in chief this past saturday. president obama fled washington to begin that two-week vacation on martha's vineyard in massachusetts. the president along with first lady michelle obama, their daughter malia and two dogs arrived at the scheduled $12 million estate. seven bedrooms, infinity pool, hot dub and dual tennis and basketball court. according to the basketball globe, the president only spent a mere 30 minutes at the house upon arrival before departing for the golf course, where he spent the majority of the weekend on the links. in between rounds of golf, the president had time to squeeze in an appearance at the democratic senatorial fund-raising campaign at the beach. while critics pounce on the president for vacationing while
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chaos is erupting all around the globe, the white house insists he can do his job from anywhere. yesterday after president obama was briefed on the situations in iraq and gaza, he delivered remarks to the american people on the situation in iraq. president obama is scheduled to return for the white house for two days for meetings midway through the trip, but he will head back to the vineyard immediately after those appointments. >> apparently he also made up with hillary. there are also reports that the president will attend a party tomorrow where his future presidential hopeful will be in atense dance. hillary called the president to clear up her comments about his foreign policy from over the weekend and tell him she was not attacking his leadership. here to talk about what appears to be a growing rest between those politicians, fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry, good to see you in new york, sir. >> good to see you. >> usually you travel with the
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president, why are you not in martha's vineyard. >> the infinity pool was calling me. but i'd rather be in the studio with you. >> i must be crazy thinking that. >> no, you're crazy, that's a really bad choice. first of all, this rest started, it was a report that hillary had called the white house to give them a heads up before she made those comments, so -- >> my sense is, this phone call whether it's an apology or clarification now, after the fact suggests that even though she gave the white house a heads up. the fallout was worse than they thought. the criticism has been coming in, this shows you got what she said, the substance of it was, this idea of don't do stupid stuff, which is something the president and his aids have been saying is his philosophy on foreign policy. sometimes you hit a single or a double. he'd rather not swing for the fences and make a big mistake. hillary clinton said, that's not an organizing principle, a
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guiding principle. she's the former secretary of state. that suggests she's got real questions about the policy specifically. she was talking about syria. more broadly, we have to admit, she's likely a presidential hopeful, sheen watts to separate herself from the president, perhaps. >> is that going to be hard to do considering she was the secretary of state? >> where it may be easier for her to say look, yes, i was secretary of state. but i serve at the pleasure of the president. as you know, whether democrat or republican administration, you don't agree with every policy, short of resignation, you make your case, and at the end the commander in chief makes the decision. where i think she may run into more problems, you go back to 2008, she appeared to be cold and calculating on foreign policy, she was for the war in iraq, and later said, well, it didn't quite work out, barack obama did much better in those democratic primaries, he was consistent from the beginning against the war. now, it may look like she was on the inside, she was along for the ride, now she wants to run,
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she appears to be running away from the president. >> it's interesting, we'll see if she's able to navigate through those waters and thread the needle. the president the other day, the last question at a press conference, he was asked specifically, and he took issue with the fact that he pulled out. we're going to play a montage in a minute of the president repeatedly take iing credit. >> there are other mitigating factors, such as the complicated status of forces agreement. maliki, who republicans admit is a mess in iraq. everyone's trying to get him out. he hasn't come up with the political solution to get that country back together, it's that he and the president for whatever reason didn't come together on an agreement that would make sure if our troops stayed behind, if they accidentally killed a civilian, would they be tried in civilian court? that's a serious issue, whether the republicans want to admit it or not. you're right, in the broader scheme of things, this
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president, again and again, going back to the '08 campaign cheerleaded the fact that he was pulling out of iraq. to now say, that wasn't my idea, it wasn't me. that's not -- >> last question, how important is it when someone like dana milbank, washington post has a headline obama vacations as the world burns? >> the optics are not good. i think everyone's entitled to vacation. i take vacation, you take vacation. the white house for weeks has been saying he can be president. anywhere he goes, he has the national security. >> 36 holes of golf in one day? >> we don't care about photo ops when he was down at the border. they realize the optics of this, what did he do the other day? he came out and made a statement. he's putting out pictures of him meeting with susan rice. they may say look, he's in vacation mode, it's all well and good. they know the optics are not good. >> ed henry, always good to see
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you. before president obama left for his vacation on saturday. he did take questions for reporters. what i was talking to ed about, our commander in chief caused this current crisis. take a look. >> you know what i find interesting is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up. as if this was my decision. under the previous administration we had turned over the country to a sovereign democratically elected iraqi government. >> really? let's take a trip down memory lane, when our commander in chief took full responsibility for ending the u.s. combat mission in iraq. watch this. >> i refocused the fight, bringing to a responsible end the war in iraq, which had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. >> last month, i announced as promised we will end the war in
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iraq, by the end of this year. after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. four years ago, i promised to end the war in iraq. we did. >> here with reaction, fox news strategic analyst, ralph peters, colonel, he makes that statement, let me set it up this way, if my kids lie to me, they're going to be in a lot more trouble than whatever it is they did wrong. we weren't told the truth about keeping our plan, our doctors or saving money. we weren't told the truth as it relates to benghazi, youtube spontaneous demonstration. the president says i didn't pull out of iraq, and there's all the video evidence you need to prove him wrong. what are we to make of this? >> sean, i think you actually hit something when you talk about your kids. the president is very child like. he lives in a fantasy world about how things work, the world
10:11 pm
works. he plays with fantasy. use polite words if you like, misleads. the fact is he tells lies. he's lying about this, there's no question about it, that he didn't want a security agreement, he wanted the troops out. he didn't personally engage at all. he didn't try. he wanted out. and also, he's currently been telling untruths about the idea that well, the intelligence community didn't warn him that the islamic state was a danger. well, my god, can i tell you, the intelligence community has been jumping up and down for over a year about this, and warning him for months. but he didn't want to hear it. >> can we say colonel peters, that a result of his campaign for policy, his implemented policy, this was a strategic blunder that literally opened the door for isis to be doing now what they are doing, by capturing the cities, that
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american -- young american men and women fought, died, bled for in iraq, some 4,000 of them? >> i think this may be the greatest presidential blunder in foreign policy, since woodrow wilson really screwed up at versaill nine decades ago. he just -- all of -- the president and all the president's men and women look at everything politically and domestical domestically. as a result, they fled from iraq after we won a hard fought victory that at times i didn't think we could pull off. amazing, amazing triumph, and he runs away not only do we have a mess in iraq, but i truly believe it triggered so much else, syria as a minimum, the mess in egypt, libya, he is the one that opened pandora's box, not george w. bush, barack obama with his philosophy, his preemptive retreat. responsible for the blood bath
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in the middle east today. >> colonel peters, thanks so much as always. disturbing new reports out of iraq, surfaced, isis is beheading and targeting children, rioting and looting in a st. louis suburb after police shoot and kill a teenager. cornell west will join me for reaction. hollywood lost one of its stars yesterday. ainsley will be back with a report on robin williams, his charitable givings. that and more tonight on hannity. [ female announcer ] this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather? a mouth breather! [ whimpers ] how do you sleep like that?
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welcome back to hannity. there are new disturbing reports of isis brutality against children. we heard of isis using barbaric tactics like beheadings and crucifixions on adults. they are targeting any kids that happen to get in their way of their goal of creating this islamic califate. joining me now are a syrian christian activist and an american spokesman. i think we need to explain to the world exactly what's going on here. 95% of christians have been kicked out of their homes told to convert or die. now they're doing what to children? >> yes, thank you for having me again, sean. they are at full force with this genoci genocide, and i believe the president is very well aware of it, and he's known about this for quite some time. i don't believe he understands the urgency of this genocide.
10:17 pm
and actually, i have spoken to thousands of the syrians including our churches, and they are extremely upset that his previous statements, that he made was basically, he said he was striking iraq to only protect the american personnel. which is amazing, but he needs to understand, he needs to acknowledge the fact that there is a syrian genocide, an ex-termination of the world's oldest civilization, not only the world's oldest christians, but they are basically destroying our identity, and our people are very upset. and we just can't believe that he's handling this -- we don't have much time to spare. >> right now they hold territories in iraq and syria that are about the size of belgium. but their tactics are more brutal than any other group before it. i want you to explain to everybody specifically, these are the areas that they are now covering and holding as they
10:18 pm
make their way into even bagh d baghdad. explain what methods they are using? >> they will cut off a child's head with a small knife slowly. because they believe in these old tactics they used when islam was extremely fierce, and any of the -- the muslims who have lived in peace with the christians are dying. i want the president to understand that this is a direct attack against christianity. the muslims that are dying with us, they're dying because they were friends with us. but the marking on the homes of christians with the n which is for nazareth and christian. this is a holocaust, he needs to acknowledge this is a holocaust. they're being beheaded, their heads are stuffed with wires and
10:19 pm
stuck on fences. this is happening to innocent families that did not declare war. they're not striking anyone with missiles. we're christians, we want to live in peace. and we're constantly being attacked with again side. he needs to -- we need a safe haven from the president. we need -- we're not requesting a land that doesn't belong to us. >> mark, let me bring you in here. this is radical islamists have said they want to wipe israel off the map. they want a modern day holocaust. now it's syrian christians. i think the world should battle against one of the most ambitious, ruthless terror groups ever. i don't think these pinprick strikes of the president are going to make a lot of a difference. mark? >> thank you for having me. this is a full blown genocide. men are being massacred, women are being raped and children are
10:20 pm
being beheaded. we have 400,000 christians being displaced from their homes, they don't have food, diapers. we have to make sure america stands as the light of the world. right now, france is leading the way by offering asylum to these folks. in a couple days, i'm going to go to the united nations to ask for three things. i'm going to ask the u.n. to recognize this as a genocide, crimes against humanity, and ask them to recognize this as a systematic wiping off of the oldest christians in the history of the world. these are -- >> they're beheading children and putting their heads on a stick to insight fear into the hearts of everybody? >> these are the most horrific
10:21 pm
atrocities the world has ever seen. a christian holocaust lays within our midst. and we owe it to humanity to do something. we need to act. >> i'm a syrian american before anything, and i'm not only concerned about our people there, but my people here. these people are on a streak to basically destroy anything in their path that does not believe in their ideology. the president has to understand the depths and urgency of this matter. he needs to attack it with full force. there's a reason why we have an army, our marines, our navy, we have a right to protect ourselves too. he needs to attack the beast with full force. this is a global crisis, a humanitarian crisis. an action needs to be taken soon, we're all very concerned for everyone. >> we're going to continue to follow the story in the days to
10:22 pm
come. >> thank you so much, sean. thank you. coming up, as radical muslims continue to terrorize christians and other religious groups around the world, where are the prominent muslim leaders in the u.s. and why aren't they coming forward to denounce isis and hamas. i'll speak with an amam. cornell west is here to talk about that and my trip to israel next. [ man ] cortana, when my wife calls remind me to tell her happy anniversary. [ cortana ] next time you talk to caroline, i'll remind you. [ siri ] oh no, i cannot do that. oh, and remind me to get roses when i'm near any flower shop. sure thing. remind you when you get to flower shop. i can't do that either. cortana, it's gonna be a great night. [ beep ] oh wow! thanks for the traffic alert. i better get going. now that is a smart phone.
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radical islam has attacked all the places you see there highlighted on the map, including new york, madrid, moscow, london, washington, d.c.. the question is will prominent muslims denounce and take on groups like isis and hamas and condemn and fight against their unthinkable acts of terrorism? here with reaction, imam mohammed sadiq is with us. let me start with you, mr. sadiq. we see all these acts of terrorism, all these terrorist groups. it's all done in the name of islam. the desire to wipe israel off the map. convert or die. why do i suspect there's not enough outspoken muslims saying, we condemn this, this is not our religion. stop doing acts of terror in the name of our religion. i don't hear those voices that loudly. >> twist of all, sean, believe
10:26 pm
me, we have yelled as loud as we can through a mega phone. you own the television and you own the networks. give us the time and we will yell even louder. we are thoroughly in sync with anybody who wants justice and fairness and humane treatment for all humanity. we are working with the catholics, the jewish people, christian people, working around the world. and all we ask is those of you who have the facilities and have the television stations and radio stations, give us a forum to say, stop it immediately. >> you agree with me, hamas, hezbollah, isis, isil, al okayed saturday, you agree with me, they're all terror groups, right? >> i don't know these groups -- >> you don't know anything about these groups? you don't follow the news?
10:27 pm
>> i know -- >> you don't think al qaeda is a terrorist group? >> i know -- >> is al qaeda a terror group? >> i don't know al qaeda. i know the report you give me. >> you don't think hamas -- hamas's charter says to obliterate israel, is that a terror group? >> i don't know that. if what you report is accurate, then it would be true. >> you don't know what's being done in the name of your religion. >> i don't know -- i don't know these people. >> you don't know what's being done in the name of allah and jihad. against the infidels? how about the group isis in iraq, that is saying to christians either convert to islam or die, is that a terror group to you? >> if they're saying that, you're right. >> dr. jasser, i'm surprised that the good imam doesn't seem to know about these groups -- >> i don't know them personally,
10:28 pm
sean. >> you've had your peace, and with all due respect, i see you condemning the act of violence, but this is our problem in our community. we do not -- we need a 12 step program for the denial of dealing with the ideology. we always want to blame others. leer at my mosque in arizona, they talked about me being the problem, fox news being the problem. not hamas. we're not dealing with the drugs, the gateway drug of isis is not their violence it's the islamic state. the fact that they want to implement a supremacy doctrine that we need to reform. and imam sadiq you need to be more -- >> let me ask you this question. >> you are -- >> let me ask you this question.
10:29 pm
do you believe sharia law as implemented in saudi arabia, that women can't drive, women can't be seen in public without men they're related to. women need four eyewitnesss for rape? does sharia law bother you? >> sharia law has to fit the time in which it's made. i'm not in saudi arabia, it would bother me if i was over there. i'm trying to say don't -- please don't give that to islam. that's a bunch of political people over in saudi arabia, who won't let -- >> it has nothing to do with islam. >> i'm going to -- >> by the way -- >> what i suggest you do, when you go home tonight, i would urge you to look up hamas, hezbollah. >> i condemn what you report, but i don't personally know them. >> i want you to -- >> i want you to get an education, because obviously you need one. if you don't know -- >> i'm not going to condemn what
10:30 pm
i don't know. but i condemn what you report. >> isis killed a number of imams in iraq. hamas killed a spokesman last week who didn't say the right thing. the bottom line, you have to realize other leadership are the problem, they're not expressing that we have an ideological islam and political islam and muslims who believe in liberty and reform are the solution. >> i want you to learn about these groups and read about them and come back on my show this week, and then tell me. >> i know what the koran says, the bible and the koran. >> and then you tell this audience if you think your religion is being hijacked by radical murderers that want this worldwide califate. >> we condemn all murderers, radicals. >> the islamic state is the problem. we need to counter those ideas, not violence only. >> coming up, cornell west is here in studio to the chaos in
10:31 pm
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. welcome back to hannity, last week while i was on the ground in israel getting a look at how hamas terrorizes people on a dially basis, i got a chance to sit down with benjamin netanyahu. this is what he had to say. >> this is a danger i've been pointing to. it's not a spin. it's not a women. it is a clinical diagnosis of a
10:37 pm
pathological movement that is sweeping our area, but will soon come to a theater near you. it has to be stopped now. the ones who are standing right now in front of this tsunami support israel, support yourself. >> joining me now to recap that interview is the professor of philosophy and christian practice at union theological seminary. >> he said it's pathological. here's what israel is surrounded by, hamas, their charter says obliterate israel, and kill the s, then you have isis, al qaeda islamic jihad and the muslim brotherhood. surrounded by people that buy into the idea that there ought to be a worldwide califate, kill
10:38 pm
the jews, wipe them off the map, and i didn't even mention iran. >> you have to make sure that you have an israeli society that doesn't put -- you can't have a right wing government that allows for the killing of 2400 precious palestinian babies. >> what do you -- professor, you are a smart guy. what do you do when 3500 rockets and 60 ton els are dug and your children are kidnapped and killed and your cities are bombed every day. >> you and i agree, a precious palestinian baby has the same value as a precious jewish baby. we agree on that, right? you've got to end an occupation of 46 years and a blockade.
10:39 pm
>> they already gave them back gaza. >> they still control the land, see, food supplies, medical supplies, all the food going in. it was a political -- >> you're blaming israel. >> it's not blaming israel, it's a matter of acknowledging that terrorism -- >> the palestinians -- >> the terrorizing of israeli brothers and sisters is wrong. >> palestinians have voted in hamas -- hang on, this is important. the palestinians voted in hamas. hamas is -- >> you -- >> they elected a group that says obliterate israel. they fire 3500 rockets, the israelis want to live in peace. so palestinians work in israel. palestinians vote, arabs vote, israel. >> when you at 46 years of vicious occupation. >> it's not occupation. >> yes, it is. the u.n. -- they've been there for 3,000 years. you know history better than
10:40 pm
that. king david was there, solomon built his temple there. >> let's look at this land possession, the history says that jews jumped out of the burning buildings of europe in a jew hating europe led by a gangster of hitler. they landed on the backs of some arabs in 1940s. >> that was the u.n. partition plan in '47. they declared their independence in '48. what about king david and solomon and the temple that was built on that very land. that was their land. >> thousands of years, there's so much transformation, people don't have control of people, of land for 2000 years. >> you deny that occupation is at work? >> i absolutely deny it. >> oh, no, we have deep disagreements. >> i come from people who have been terrorized and traumatized. michael brown and his precious mother -- >> let's -- a kid was killed.
10:41 pm
do you know what happened? >> another instance of american terrorism. >> where did you rush to judgment? the police say he was reach -- i wasn't there, and you weren't there, you can't call it terrorism if you're not there. >> because when you kill an unarmed -- innocent brother, how in fact could it be anything else. >> hang on. >> what could he have done to warrant being shot like that. >> if you're reaching for the gun of the police officer, you're no longer unarmed. >> his hands are up. >> not according -- i'm not saying i know what happened. at the end of the day. -- as a result of this the people in that community are saying, shoot the police. the people in that community are riding, the people in that community are -- >> they're upset -- is that anyway to react? >> it's a raid. you want to have some kind of moral venue. we want the love of john
10:42 pm
coltrane and jesus to operate. >> do you understand what that screen says. the only good cop is a dead cop. >> that's wrong too. when there's arbitrary police power used against -- not just clinton allen in dallas -- >> do you believe americans -- >> chamberlain right here in white plains, police -- >> let me ask you something, do you believe people are innocent in america until proven guilty? >> they should be. >> that police officer is assumed innocent? >> he should have a fair trial. >> and you just called him a terrorist without the benefit of a trial. >> the bullet came from someone, and it -- >> you don't know the circumstances. do you? you weren't there. >> you got a good point. it's hard for me to concede -- >> he's assumed innocent. >> he's assumed innocent. but a precious child has been killed. >> i don't want any kids dead. you want to know the first thing we can do to save kids from being killed? throw them in schools that are
10:43 pm
not the dumbed down, stupid schools we send them to. >> give them a job at a living wage. do you agree that there's such a thing of american terrorism and israeli terrorism? is there such a thing for you? >> i don't think, is my answer -- there's never been -- the united states has not been perfect -- >> the united states has a history of terrorizing indigenous people. >> i believe the greatness of america, and the greatest sin was slavery -- >> no, the indigenous people. >> slavery is evil, that's the word i would use. >> but people -- >> our founders and our framers in their wisdom, created a system where we right wrongs and create injustices, they have been proven correct, with the civil rights act, the voting acts. >> is there such a thing as israel terrorism? >> no, i don't think so. i believe israel is the victim. >> you don't believe israel committed a war crime when they -- >> israel is protecting its city from constant attacks.
10:44 pm
48, 67, 73, 3,500 rockets fired into its city, they have a right to defend itself. if i fire a rocket at your house, what do you do? >> if i attack your house, what do you do? if i break into your house what are you going to do? >> i'm going to defend myself, but i'm not going to kill your momma. punishment is a war crime. i don't have a right to kill your child if you come into my house. >> they're sending leaflets, phone calls, text messages, we're about to bomb you get out of the way. what else can they do? >> three minute notice. >> eight minutes. >> if you deny such a thing as israeli terrorism -- every nation -- >> it is surrounded by terrorists, my friend. >> i agree with that too. we've got to condemn terrorism. >> i need you for a full hour. >> i'll be back, though. >> israel is a victim of radical
10:45 pm
islamic terrorism, is the world's modern naziism. >> naziism was certainly -- >> radical islamism is a modern -- they want a modern day holocaust. >> you get fascist consequences. >> i don't know why i like you, but i do. i like you, i want to teach your class. >> we'll have dialogue. >> coming up -- >> i'm not going to forget that. i've never had an entire audience go, forget you. you have no idea. >> as the world mourns the death of actor robin williams. coming up next, we highlight how he gave tremendously to charity, and especially our men and women serving in uniform. when with come back, ainsley earhart is here with a special report straight ahead. (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel tight like a vise.
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10:51 pm
by the grammy, emmy award winning entertainer. and back with us is ainsley earhardt. >> sean, thank you so much. robin williams will be remembered for the great laughter he brought into our homes across america and the globe, the actor and comedian's charity work should not be forgotten. robin williams was known for work in organizations such as cometic relief, and live strong foundation, and a major supporter of the uso. throughout his more than 12 years volunteering with the group, he participated in tours and entertainment tours and traveled to 13 countries with that organization. take a look at this memorable moment in kuwait in 2007.
10:52 pm
>> i'm not going to for get that. i've never had an audience just go forget you! you have no idea. i was also wondering what is coming from that way? that a group of military people turned that way. can someone tell me what that was? it wasn't retrieval? >> upon learning about his death, the uso released a statement reads in quote one of the great come immediatic actors of his generation, he traveled around the world to lift the spirits of troops and their families and will be part of our uso family and will be sorely missed. he gave back to st. jude's children hospital and appeared
10:53 pm
in this television commercial for the hospital in 2008. take a look. >> quincy is like any kid that likes to have fun do you have a problem? >> neuroblastoma. >> that is big word. there was a treatment developed just for you. how do you feel now? >> neuroblastoma, you're getting out of town. >> so, sean, you can see williams devoted his time to giving back and helping others our thoughts and prayers go out to robin williams and his friends. much is given, much is expected he gave his time, energy, and money to people in need >> for me, he was just funny. >> he was so depressed and sad.
10:54 pm
>> one of the things i've known is that he was at a level so much higher than the average comedian. sometimes, you wonder you're surprised to hear they have other parts of the life going on you wonder if they're blessing wasn't their curse in some way. >> 100% they have big houses, money, fame, fortune but he was sad, hurting inside. >> ainsley, he will be missed greatly. coming up, more "hannity" right after the break. stay with us. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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record "hannity" the series and we hope you'll start your day with fox and friends he was called the funniest man alive. >> nan nu. >> while robin williams made the world laugh he was struggling in personal life. and today news that the oscar winning actor and comedian he committed suicide by hanging himself. winona judd is here. the morin county sheriff's office releasing new information on williams' death. >> good morning. my name is keith boyd. i'm a lt. with the mor


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